About Us

A-List Staff (Aliststaff.com) connects employees and employers in the hospitality and entertainment industries. This unique web experience is quality assured and already offers services in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta & D.C.


Our mission is to streamline the process of filling full, part-time and temporary positions.  Our expanded database and matchmaking technology both decrease the time and effort of undergoing a standard search process, and dramatically increase the success of that search.


How it works


Job Seekers create a profile page, which includes a current photo, work experience, and general information. This page is then submitted for review by an A-List Staff recruiter. If a candidate meets the A-List Staff criteria, he or she receives membership to the website. All members maintain access to AListStaff.com by keeping their profile pages accurate and up to date. Employers will make contact and fill available positions via these profile pages.


Employers register to utilize the A-List Staff database. Once accepted, they can easily browse the site by categorical headings. The website's interface is specially designed to allow employers to systematically narrow a search towards a desired employee. After viewing that employee's profile page, employers contact the employee directly via email to set up an interview.